Digital Twin of your Organization

Gartner predicts that organizations that utilize a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) to transform, will turn the 70% failure rate of transformation into a 70% success rate.

What is a Digital Twin of an Organization?

According to Gartner,
“A digital twin of an organization (DTO) is a dynamic software model of any organization that relies on operational and/or other data to understand how an organization operationalizes its business model, connects with its current state, responds to changes, deploys resources and delivers expected customer value.”

Why a Digital Twin of your Organization?

If you’ve heard of a digital twin before, you’re not alone. They’ve been in use for years in the industrial sector to aid in the optimization and maintenance of physical assets. They connect data from sensors to create living digital replicas that change as their counterparts change.

The digital twin has many applications that range from enterprise performance and cost optimization to customer experience management, but all applications of the digital twin are intended to support organizations in their decision-making processes. Creating a virtual copy of an organization is meant to help business leaders explore their options, engage in scenario planning, and minimize the risk of the organization’s chosen path.

How to build a Digital Twin of your Organization?

enableLab delivers enableHub to facilitate the creation of a Digital Twin of your Organization. Every asset that falls within the context of an organization (process, technology, architecture, infrastructure, customer interactions, business capabilities, strategies, roles, responsibilities, products, services, and distribution channels) can be connected, reported upon, and visualized. Bi-directional functionality facilitates change-making to both the live and virtual environment to keep the two worlds in sync. This helps business leaders assess the impact of change in a controlled environment.


The 7 steps to create a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)

Our View on Digital Transformation

What matters is to look at digital transformation from different angles. Business leaders consider using data and digital technologies to stay competitive, respond, and continuously adapt to changing market conditions. Logical? Yes, we think it is. So how do you stay ahead and make the right choices in technology, business models, and partners? How do you turn digital transformation into concrete results?

We believe that having insight into the cohesion between processes, systems, applications, and data will make the difference. It is all connected, and you cannot fix one element without improving the other parts and expect a better outcome.

Being data-driven for us means supporting your decisions with data-backed intelligence, overcoming organization silo’s and integrating data-driven activities into your business processes. 


It is our mission to enable all employees, not only the experts to explore and exploit the right data, enabling them to optimize and innovate.

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