Dynamics365 Operations Optimization

Creating a lasting impact on your organization by implementing an ERP or CRM application based on how your organization should work.


D365 Operations Optimization

ERP implementations are notoriously difficult.  In many cases, companies resort to a simple platform upgrade in the hopes that the technology alone will fix their issues.  But even for companies that take a long-term view, ERP transformations rarely go as planned.  In many cases, business process owners are installed last minute and are unaware of how their company currently executes the business processes they are responsible for.  This makes it very difficult to properly plan, train users, and upgrade the technology to deliver the business outcomes that the new ERP system should provide.




D365 Operations Optimization solutions

ERP Transformation is about more than a simple platform upgrade.  ERP transformation with enableLab takes a holistic approach to understand your organization’s operating model and how your current processes & technology support your intended outcomes in an effort to empower you to make the right decisions before, during, and after your ERP implementation.


By applying algorithms to your data, process mining shows you exactly how your process flows through your organization.


Simplify your process (re)design by visualizing your processes automatically, based on data from your transactional systems.


Leverage free form designs to depict the flow of work across the organization in the language of business users.

Understand the impact of non-conformance on throughput time and understand which process steps cause bottlenecks.


Because enableHub supports the full alignment of business & IT, our BPM capability creates greater context and visibility into business operations than traditional BPM tools. The user-friendly enableHub platform empowers an organization’s most valuable resource (people) to consume the right information at the right time, which enables them to dynamically orchestrate their interactions with customers. enableHub provides the flexibility to support process standardization while leaving room for human ingenuity at the customer touchpoint.


The enableHub BPM capability helps to unify customer touchpoints, which leads to the type of standardization that results in increased customer satisfaction. Adopting a process-based way of thinking helps organizations to consider decisions considering the impact it would have on the customer. Additionally, the enableHub capability will reduce overhead, which allows organizations to spend time and money delivering an innovative customer experience.


Processes form the heart of every organization, and good process management determines the quality of products and services. The enableHub capability helps organizations to streamline internal processes, reveal operational bottlenecks, and improve the predictability of process outcomes. enableHub empowers organizations to achieve their operational excellence goals.


The enableHub capability helps organizations to standardize and optimize their process landscapes to scale. BPM lowers costs by streamlining processes across an organization so that they can be easily understood and managed, and so that risks can be mitigated, and waste can be reduced. Mapping out processes and illustrating where they can be changed, shorted, or removed will help organizations to reduce overhead and drive business value.


D365 Operations Optimization services

Technology alone will not fix your process and business challenges. We have designed 5 step by step services including different deliverables that will optimize your Dynamics365 return on investment.


Workshop D365 Operations Optimization
1 day
  • Introduction to D365 Operations Optimization
  • Scoping the D365 Operations Optimization solution and applying the D365 Operations Optimization Framework
  • Hands-on session with D365 Operations Optimization methods and tools
  • D365 Operations Optimization Roadmap


Quickscan D365 Operations Optimization
2-5 days
  • Inventory of all processes facilitated by D365
  • D365 Operations Optimization heatmap and value discovery
  • High-level business case and benefits for stakeholders
  • D365 Operations Optimization Implementation Plan

Proof of Concept

PoC of an end-to-end scenario for Operations Optimization
5-15 days
  • Creation of an end-to-end scenario for D365 Optimization
  • Involvement of prime stakeholders
  • Validation of method and tools
  • Evaluation and recommended next steps


D365 Operations Optimization solution
To be determined
  • Building an MVP of your D365 Optimization solution
  • End-to-end solution for at least 3 prime stakeholders
  • including enableHub as role-based portal for overview, insight and collaboration
  • Requires a successfully completed PoC


D365 Operations Optimization as-a-service
price /user /month
  • enableHub platform + D365 Optimization module. Monthly subscription including services
  • Always up to date D365 Operations information for all prime stakeholders
  • Bi-annual update of your D365 Operations
  • Requires a successfully completed MVP

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