Digital Transformation Advisory

Digital Transformation is too important to completely leave to external parties. It is your journey in which we strive to support your organization by sharing our best practices

enableLab Digital Transformation Services

DTO Maturity Scan

What it would take to build a Digital Twin of your Organization? Where should you begin? And what steps should you take to improve your organization’s readiness and take advantage of Digital Twin technology?

Discovery Services

Your Digital Transformation Journey needs a starting point. With our unique Discovery Services, we create a complete inventory of your business processes, applications, data, and IT infrastructure. By using enableHub you do this efficiently and you can keep this up to date in a user-friendly manner.

Digital BluePrint Mapping

The overview provided through the Discovery Services in combination with the outcome of the DTO Maturity Scan provides your organization with insights into improvement areas. enableLab provides Digital BluePrints on where to focus, what is needed, and how to execute.

Digital Transformation Business Case

Every Digital BluePrint will provide different benefits to your organization. Creating the Transformation Business Case will quantify and prioritize the different initiatives, and identifies the KPI's which are most important to make the different initiatives a success.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

From the Business Case, you create series of value streams that together make up your organization's Digital Transformation Roadmap. Including the setup of a governance structure making your organization ready for continuous transformation.

Digital Transformation Scenario Planning

Your Digital Transformation Journey requires constant adaptation to ensure you meet your planned objectives and facilitate changes you encounter along the way. Scenario Planning is a frequent exercise triggering adjustments to current value streams and new areas for transformation.

Discovery Services

With our Discovery Services, we create an overview of the most important building blocks of your IT landscape: processes, applications, data, and IT infrastructure. We have automated the inventory process as much as possible to be able to repeat the inventory process as much as needed and always have an up-to-date overview.

Process discovery creates an overview of the primary business processes of your organization. This becomes the process foundation to which we can relate the relevant business applications, -data and IT Infrastructure.


Application discovery is the inventory of all your business applications. We go beyond just a basic list and identify as much related data to your applications as possible to ensure your organization can make strategic decisions about the optimization of your application landscape.


Our data discovery service consists of the following steps:

Automated data discovery
Automated data discovery, lineage identification, and data classification across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS sources

Data map and metadata tagging
Uniforme kaart van uw data activa en hun relaties voor effectiever beheer

Semantic search
Semantisch zoeken maakt het ontdekken van gegevens mogelijk met behulp van zakelijke of technische termen

sensitive data mapping
Inzicht in de locatie en verplaatsing van gevoelige gegevens in uw hybride data landschap


Our IT Infrastructure discovery can create a detailed over and insight of your public – and private cloud IT infrastructure:

Autogenerated Editable Diagrams
enableHub generates fully editable 2D & 3D Visio diagrams of both your cloud and on-premises environments.

Autogenerated Technical Documentation
Create a complete Word, PDF, or Excel document of both your cloud and on-premises environments.


Digital Blueprint Mapping

Digital Blueprints are our best practices for addressing the changes and or additions you would like to make as part of your digital transformation journey.

Together with your team we create a comprehensive overview of potential initiatives and prioritize them according to your requirements.

Turn your digital strategy into action :

Transformation Frameworks
enableLab offers pre-configured transformation frameworks that accelerate the creation of a strategic transformation plan.

Scenario and Investment Planning
Create a fit-gap analysis to validate the existing strategic project portfolio and – roadmap.


Create and visualize customer journeys and link them to business processes, roles & responsibilities, and IT.


We create insight into your organization’s IT landscape, including all applications, the technology that sustains them, and the business processes they support. We help you address the complexity of your (legacy) IT systems experience significant cost reductions, achieve efficient operations, and create space for the adoption of innovative technologies.


Digital Transformation Business Case

Digital transformation initiatives focus on delivering specific outcomes to the customer; digital transformation affects all aspects of the business. We recommend using the customer life cycle to make the business case for digital investments.

These digital investments alter and support the entire value chain, including supply-chain optimization, product development, product innovation, customer insights, sales enablement, customer support, customer experience, and collaborative working.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital Transformation is not about executing a single project but rather managing a constant flow of new initiatives, projects, and priorities. A digital transformation roadmap, therefore, needs to be digitized from the start and provide you with an always up-to-date overview, based on clear KPIs.

Digital Transformation Scenario Planning

Strategic scenario planning facilitates agile strategy setting. It offers a way to frame the discussion about hypothetical future business scenarios — and helps you to identify future uncertainties and develop suitable action plans to respond to change and capture the opportunity.

Because enableHub offers an always up-to-date foundation of operational data you have a lot of factual information of what the potential impact of future changes means for your organization.