A transformation platform as a service as-a-service

A Digital Transformation journey is different for every organization . Start with the priority that is most beneficial to you and take it from there. That’s why most modules of our platform can be used separately.



To facilitate our services in a smart and efficient way we provide enableHub, a transformation platform-as-a-service. 

enableHub creates context and visibility by providing a collaborative portal environment based upon user-friendly Microsoft technologies. We believe in the value of visibility – with enableHub we give everyone in the organization the opportunity to consume and improve upon information.


Discover below how we model, visualize and create overview of your data, applications in below modules: 


Methodology Framework

enableHub is methodology agnostic; meaning we can implement processes, steps, solutions based your your organization’s preferred approach and/or methodology.

In collaboration with our partners, enableHub supports a variety of frameworks that simplify alignment by providing a step-by-step guide. By leveraging one of the numerous strategy execution frameworks and methodologies in enableHub, organizations are able to align future plans with in-flight projects, existing assets, and strategic goals and objectives in order to visualize the interdependencies that impede successful project execution. enableHub provides a graphical interface that dynamically illustrates complex interrelationships and depicts the relationship between strategy, innovation, and the state of execution over time.


Your approach / methodology is visualized and the visualizations act as the guide to all relevant and up to date information in the background.

enableHub offers pre-configured transformation frameworks that accelerate the creation of a strategic transformation plan.


enableHub integrates with traditional execution management tools which help ensure the day to day execution of projects and programs.


Leverage enableHub to do a fit-gap analysis to validate the existing project portfolio in light of strategic direction.


enableHub’s reporting engine creates insight into the strategic value of a project portfolio which can be visualized in a BI tool of choice.



enableHub is about always having an overview. We have created the discovery suite which consists of several discovery services to automate the process as much as possible. 100% automated is not (yet) possible, but we strive to make the periodic inventory process as easy and as automated as possible.

Process discovery creates an overview of the primary business processes of your organization. This becomes the process foundation to which we can relate the relevant business applications, -data and IT Infrastructure.


Application discovery is the inventory of all your business applications. We go beyond just a basic list and identify as much related data to your applications as possible to ensure your organization can make strategic decisions about the optimization of your application landscape.


Our data discovery solution has the following capabilities:

Automated data discovery
Automated data discovery, lineage identification, and data classification across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS sources.

Data map and metadata tagging
Unified map of your data assets and their relationships for more effective governance.

Semantic search
Semantic search enables data discovery using business or technical terms.

Sensitive data mapping
Insight into the location and movement of sensitive data across your hybrid data landscape.

Our IT Infrastructure discovery solution can create a detailed over and insight of your public – and private cloud IT infrastructure:

Autogenerated Editable Diagrams
enableHub generates fully editable 2D & 3D Visio diagrams of both your cloud and on-premises environments.

Autogenerated Technical Documentation
Create a complete Word, PDF, or Excel document of both your cloud and on-premises environments.


By implementing the enableHub Discovery Suite you ensure the data about all components, important to your Digital Transformation journey, stay up to date. 

You always have the most up to date overview of the current state of your business processes, – applications, – data and IT Infrastructure.


Modeling & Visualization

enableHub empowers a collaborative approach to business process management and improvement. By extending and enhancing the capabilities of Microsoft Visio, enableHub provides the ideal environment for users to collaborate and improve upon an organization’s business process infrastructure.

enableHub supports simultaneous modeling in the following languages: BPMN, EPC, iDEF0, cross-functional flow charts/swim lanes. In Mavim, it is simple to model processes, publish to the web, approve the content and share with end-users to support Lean, Six Sigma, or Operational Excellence trajectories.


Simplify your process (re)design by visualizing your processes automatically, based on data from your transactional systems.


By applying algorithms to your data, process mining shows you exactly how your process flows through your organization.


Leverage free form designs to depict the flow of work across the organization in the language of business users.

Understand the impact of non-conformance on throughput time and understand which process steps cause bottlenecks.


Because enableHub supports the full alignment of business & IT, our BPM capability creates greater context and visibility into business operations than traditional BPM tools. The user-friendly enableHub platform empowers an organization’s most valuable resource (people) to consume the right information at the right time, which enables them to dynamically orchestrate their interactions with customers. enableHub provides the flexibility to support process standardization while leaving room for human ingenuity at the customer touchpoint.


The enableHub BPM capability helps to unify customer touchpoints, which leads to the type of standardization that results in increased customer satisfaction. Adopting a process-based way of thinking helps organizations to consider decisions considering the impact it would have on the customer. Additionally, the enableHub capability will reduce overhead, which allows organizations to spend time and money delivering an innovative customer experience.


Processes form the heart of every organization, and good process management determines the quality of products and services. The enableHub capability helps organizations to streamline internal processes, reveal operational bottlenecks, and improve the predictability of process outcomes. enableHub empowers organizations to achieve their operational excellence goals.


The enableHub capability helps organizations to standardize and optimize their process landscapes to scale. BPM lowers costs by streamlining processes across an organization so that they can be easily understood and managed, and so that risks can be mitigated, and waste can be reduced. Mapping out processes and illustrating where they can be changed, shorted, or removed will help organizations to reduce overhead and drive business value.


enableHub facilitates collaborative modeling from a central repository. Due to its user-friendly Visio interface, our software requires minimal training, which accelerates the return on investment. Additionally, enableHub helps enterprise architects drive business value by providing adaptable user interfaces, which facilitates cross-domain analysis and decision making with a powerful reporting engine. enableHub supports the international architecture language and diagramming technique ArchiMate® .


Leverage enableHub to create free form designs, which depict and orchestrate the flow of work across the organization.


enableHub supports ArchiMate®, including the full notation, meta model, as well as all architectural models.


Leverage enableHub to visualize customer journeys and link them to business processes, roles & responsibilities, and IT. 


enableHub provides simple storage of EA models and documentation, which facilitates collaboration among both business and IT end-users.



Rigid architecture, too many standards and heavy-handed oversight are incompatible with a rapidly changing world. To enable organizations to create innovative new products & services, EA needs to be able to engage and collaborate across both the business & IT. enableHub allows Enterprise Architects to deliver architecture in many different interfaces that satisfies members of EA, IT & the business.


Enterprise Architects plays a key role in supporting organizations as they move towards a bimodal way of working. Mavim supports both foundational enterprise architects in the optimization of current business operations, as well as vanguard enterprise architects in driving innovation. With ArchiMate®, enableHub facilitates a linear approach to business change. Yet our openness to integration, support of corporate strategy, and user-friendliness empower vanguard architects in leveraging disruptive technologies to drive business value.


With enableHub, Enterprise Architects can ensure that the outputs of EA are available for the business & IT to use. Leverage enableHub to create insight into the entire architecture landscape and to communicate with the business in proactive, planned cycles. According to industry analysts, EA practitioners put themselves at risk by not communicating their work with the business. enableHub is a user-friendly solution, built upon Microsoft Office 365, that facilitates enterprise-wide collaboration and helps Enterprise Architects drive business results.


Enterprise Architecture can play a key role in identifying the opportunities to leverage new and innovative technologies that will drive corporate strategy. enableHub for EA empowers the alignment of corporate strategy with an organization’s projects, personnel, processes, technology, risks, architecture, customers, and infrastructure in one platform. enableHub creates dynamic insight into the current (as-is) state of an organization and helps visualize the desired (to-be) destination to support Enterprise Architects implement digital business strategy. This makes it possible for Enterprise Architects to make business & IT recommendations upon which they can deliver.


Data Integration

We will provide Integration Services which is a standard capability in enableHub in combination with software development services to ensure we provide you with reliable integrations in a short timeframe. The connectors are ‘futureproof’; we ensure they remain in top working condition throughout the evolution of enableHub


Through our Integration Service, we plan to deliver several standard connections to widely used applications such as Microsoft Dynamics365, ServiceNow, TopDesk, and others. By integrating the relevant applications and data already available in your organization, you can create a much richer and holistic insight into your current digital environment without much effort.


Based on your organization’s specific needs we can create custom connectors to allow you to maximize the enableHub benefits.


Your current business applications contain relevant data that, when combined with other data can lead to much better insights for running your business or improving your Digital Transformation journey.

By integrating the relevant internal data sources into enableHub, you get more insights from your overall data.


enableHub Benefits

Visibility & Transparency

Reduced risk in projects

30% faster Time to Market

Improved competitiveness

70% increased Transformation Success

Higher ROI

Increase Adoption Rate

Higher project predictability and usage

Re-use Best Practices & Solutions

Avoid re-inventing the wheel

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