Digital Strategy

Defining a Digital Strategy is too important to completely leave to external parties. It is your journey in which we strive to support your organization by sharing our best practices


Digital Strategy

The start of a digital transformation journey is not about the use of one technology or digitize a single business process. An integrated approach to the use of technology and optimization of business processes is needed to talk about transformation instead of digitization.  We like to share our learnings from several transformation projects and invite organizations to take a holistic approach in which the cohesion between people, process, and technology play a major role. 


Our Approach

We prefer to start with pilots that pay off in weeks or months, followed by a plan for tackling high-priority use cases and finishing with a program for building long-term capabilities.

We have developed a three-phase approach for clients across industries.



Your Digital Journey starts by creating an overview of existing processes, data, and applications related to the defined business challenge.


In the next phase, we will facilitate insights in IT & project portfolio management and data governance leading to a transformation roadmap.


In the last phase, we will make sure you have all the ingredients to get into action through scenario planning. Identifying incremental value and impact.

Digital Strategy services

There is no ‘one size fits all’ digital blueprint for organizations. Every situation and starting point will differ. To understand your digital status and to create insights into the potential of transformation initiatives, we have designed 5 services that will support the creation of your digital strategy.


Digital Strategy in a day
1 day
  • Evaluation of your current Digital Strategy
  • Discuss outcomes of the Digital Strategy Survey
  • Hands-on session with Digital Strategy methods and tools
  • High-level Digital Strategy Roadmap


Quickscan Digital Strategy
2-5 days
  • Inventory of your Business & IT landscape
  • Digital Strategy heatmap and value discovery
  • High-level business case and benefits for stakeholders
  • Digital Strategy execution Plan


Blueprint for your Digital Journey
5-15 days
  • Turning Digital Strategy priorities into actionable blueprints
  • Involvement of prime stakeholders
  • Digitizing your Digital Strategy planning and execution with methods and tools
  • Prioritized Digital Roadmap + KPI's


Business case and KPI framework
5-15 days
  • Business case with hard and soft benefits of your Digital Transformation
  • KPI Framework allowing you to manage / reprioritize your Digital journey and execute
  • Including enableHub as role-based portal for overview, insight and collaboration


Digital Strategy as-a-service
price /user /month
  • enableHub platform + Digital Strategy module. Monthly subscription including services
  • Always up to date Digital Strategy information for all prime stakeholders
  • Bi-annual update of your Digital Strategy
  • Requires a successfully completion of Digital Strategy Overview, Insight and Business Case

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