Data Governance

Get a bird’s eye view at a glance to understand what data is actively used, where sensitive data is, and how it moves.


Data Governance

Researchers estimate that in the last two years alone, an astonishing 90% of the world’s data has been created. Its clear data is becoming more and more relevant as is the need for the organization to work with the right data and get value out of it. But how do I stay in control, understand where data is coming from, and with who it is shared? The answer lies in how data is managed and how your data flows across your organization.

Data Governance solutions

enableLab uses Azure Purview which is designed to help enterprises get the most value from their existing information assets. The catalog makes data sources easily discoverable and understandable by the users who manage the data.

Automated data discovery, lineage identification, and data classification across on-premises, multicloud, and SaaS sources


Unified map of your data assets and their relationships for more effective governance


Semantic search enables data discovery using business or technical terms


Insight into the location and movement of sensitive data across your hybrid data landscape

Create a unified map of your data across hybrid sources

Establish the foundation for effective data usage and governance with Purview Data Map.

  • Automate and manage metadata from hybrid sources.
  • Classify data using built-in and custom classifiers and Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels.
  • Label sensitive data consistently across SQL Server, Azure, Microsoft 365, and Power BI.
  • Easily integrate all your data systems using Apache Atlas APIs.

Enable effortless discovery of trusted data

Maximize the business value of data for your data consumers with Purview Data Catalog.

  • Search for data using technical or business terms.
  • Easily understand data by browsing associated technical, business, semantic, and operational metadata.
  • Quickly identify the sensitivity level of data.
  • Know where your data came from with interactive data lineage visualization.
  • Empower data scientists, engineers, and analysts with business context to drive BI, analytics, AI, and machine learning initiatives.

Discover data that powers business insights

Understand your data supply chain from raw data to business insights.

  • Scan your Power BI environment and Azure Synapse Analytics workspaces with a few clicks and automatically publish all discovered assets and lineage to the Purview Data Map.
  • Connect Azure Purview to Azure Data Factory instances to automatically collect data integration lineage.
  • Quickly determine which analytics and reports already exist without reinventing the wheel.

Provide business context with a glossary of terms

Curate business terms to deliver a consistent understanding with Purview Data Catalog.

  • Eliminate the need for Excel data dictionaries with an enterprise-grade business glossary.
  • Import existing data dictionaries in a few clicks.
  • Make data discoverable using familiar business language.

Gain insight into sensitive data across your organization

Easily identify and understand sensitive data.

  • Visually assess the locations of sensitive data by label or classification, and drill down to the details of each data asset.
  • Apply Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels to data assets governed by Azure Purview.

Data Governance services

Data is often described as the new oil or gold, as the fuel for innovation, growth, or improved customer experiences. To support organizations in creating a future proof data governance platform we have designed 5 step by step services including different deliverables.


Workshop Data Governance
1 day
  • Introduction to Data Governance
  • Scoping the Data Governance solution and applying the Data Governance Framework
  • Hands-on session with Data Governance methods and tools
  • Data Governance Roadmap


Quickscan Data Govenance
2-5 days
  • Inventory of your Data Estate
  • Data Governance heatmap and value discovery
  • High-level business case and benefits for stakeholders
  • Data Governance Implementation Plan

Proof of Concept

PoC of an end-to-end scenario
5-15 days
  • Creation of an end-to-end scenario for Data Governance
  • Involvement of prime stakeholders
  • Validation of method and tools
  • Evaluation and recommended next steps


Data Governance solution
To be determined
  • Building an MVP of your Data Governance solution
  • End-to-end solution for at least 3 prime stakeholders
  • including enableHub as role-based portal for overview, insight and collaboration
  • Requires a successfully completed PoC


Data Governance as-a-service
price /user /month
  • enableHub platform + Data Governance module. Monthly subscription including services
  • Always up to date Data Governance information for all prime stakeholders
  • Bi-annual update of your Data Governance strategy
  • Requires a successfully completed MVP

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