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As an enableLab associate, you have colleagues, projects, expertise, and inspiration.
Working together is smarter, more fun, more inspiring, and more scalable

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enableLab is an IT start-up with the mission to let organizations experience the value of data-driven decision-making. We support organizations in reducing data risks, improving Dynamics365 return on investment, cut costs in IT legacy systems, and generate more revenue through improved customer experiences.

To serve our clients in the best manner and to fuel our growth we are looking for partners to join us in our journey. We aim to build a strong network in which you as a Digital Transformation professional can build your business and flourish in freedom and teamwork at the same time.

enableLab associates are like-minded, self-starting professionals with a shared passion to support organizations in their Digital Transformation journey.

Our doors are open to the best people who recognize themselves in this ambition and want to participate.

Choose for freedom and connection in entrepreneurship!

We are happy to tell you all the details about our unique proposition and the warm bath that enableLab is for enableLab associates.




What’s in it for you?


Frequently asked questions and answers

As an enableLab associate you are part of a network, which includes the benefits described above.

There are a number of ways for you to benefit business wise:

  1. By leveraging the enableLab network and brand you will be able to generate new projects and new revenue for your own business.
  2. You may meet prospects and projects that don’t exactly match your competency or availability. You can then share this within the enableLab network and receive an referral fee.
  3. You may be invited to join an enableLab client project. You will then receive a pre-agreed fee and it will give you an interesting teamwork project.
  4. Based on our experience, the average hourly rates will vary between 100-175,- per hour, depending on the project scope and the experience required.

We are looking for people who share our value’s, like an adventure and believe in the concept of sharing. Authentic people who can keep their own pants up.

A the start of our collaboration we sign a cooperation agreement , in which we agree on the rules of engagement, such as turnover fee’s, independence and responsibilities.


No, you are in control of your company and agenda. It’s up to you how to organize your time.
However, if it turns out be an extremely limited number of days over a longer period, we should mutually question the added value of our relationship.

No, you are free to serve customers under your own name and for your own account.
We believe that there will be sufficient opportunities where it is convenient and smart to work via enableLab.


As an enableLab associate you pay a monthly amount of € 200 ex VAT covering for all administration and handling costs.
When you reach a minimum number of working days invoiced during a fiscal year these costs will be waived.


Call us at +31 85 760 2500 or fill in the form on this page. 

You can send your details (Resume /LinkedIn profile). We will contact you asap to have a proper introduction and discuss your motivation, current business and any questions you may have for us. Your answers tell us whether there are enough leads to make a match. When there is sufficient connection, we set up an online or offline meeting to go into some more detail. After that, if we both still like it, we’ll sign a partnership agreement.

From then on you’re an enableLab associate!


Join us and become an enableLab associate!