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Our Vision

When it comes to continuous transformation, having insight into the cohesion between processes, systems, applications, and data will make the difference . It is all connected. You cannot fix one element without improving the other parts and expect a better outcome. Being data-driven for us means supporting your decisions with data-backed intelligence, overcoming organization silo’s and integrating data-driven activities into your business processes.

Our Mission

enableLab is an IT start-up with the mission to let organizations experience the value of data-driven decision-making. We support organizations in reducing data risks, improving Dynamics365 return on investment, cut costs in IT legacy systems, and generate more revenue through improved customer experiences. We started enableLab to work from freedom and independence and get especially happy when we take people a step further through technology. We have been able to look into various kitchens and have experienced how technology can help an organization when used in the right way.

enableLab Founders

Peter de Haas

Peter eats, sleeps and breaths innovation. With his deep roots in consulting and IT it’s hard to find a challenge he doesn’t take head on. Analytical, creative and with a down to earth mentality any transformation objective can be met.

Richard de Goederen

A natural connector, a pragmatic thinker with a warm heart for others. Richard has a good sense of what is going on in the market and with the customer. With his humor and thoroughness he knows how to get people onboard.

Our domain expertise

Our Values

What we do,we do well

Integrity, be real

Customer intimate

We aim for good

Focus on impact

Our Partners

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