7 Options to Modernize Legacy Systems according to Gartner

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The approaches to IT legacy modernization are in many cases just as old as the IT legacy you’re facing at this moment. It is very beneficial to apply some sort of methodology for continuously assessing , evaluating and calculating your options; simply because the technology out there keeps evolving in a very rapid way.

Gartner Group has refreshed their view on the matter :

If you need to modernize legacy applications, the best approach depends on the problem you’re trying to solve.

Digital transformation has made it imperative for application leaders to find effective ways to modernize legacy systems. The biggest challenge? Knowing the risk-to-reward ratio before acting.

“For many organizations, legacy systems are seen as holding back the business initiatives and business processes that rely on them,” says Stefan Van Der Zijden, VP Analyst, Gartner. “When a tipping point is reached, application leaders must look to application modernization to help remove the obstacles.”

Especially step 2 in their recommendation is one we apply ourselves as well :

  1. Encapsulate. Leverage and extend the application features by encapsulating its data and functions, making them available as services via an API.
  2. Rehost. Redeploy the application component to other infrastructure (physical, virtual or cloud) without modifying its code, features or functions.
  3. Replatform. Migrate to a new runtime platform, making minimal changes to the code, but not the code structure, features or functions.
  4. Refactor. Restructure and optimize the existing code (although not its external behavior) to remove technical debt and improve nonfunctional attributes.
  5. Rearchitect. Materially alter the code to shift it to a new application architecture and exploit new and better capabilities. 
  6. Rebuild. Redesign or rewrite the application component from scratch while preserving its scope and specifications.
  7. Replace. Eliminate the former application component altogether and replace it, considering new requirements and needs at the same time.

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