Forrester report on Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 migration

Access the complimentary Forrester Consulting study on potential return on investment that organizations might realize by migrating on-premises deployments of Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 in the cloud. Learn how cloud migration brought about a 3.4 percent reduction in total costs of ownership and how it helps you:

  • Consolidate on-premises licensing and support costs.
  • Trim or eliminate on-premises infrastructure costs.
  • Reduce the burden on IT administrators.
  • Scale to meet increases in online customer demand.

Through four customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management have the following three-year financial impact for a composite organization with $3 billion in revenue and 10,000 employees.

Read the full study.

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