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Digital Transformation requires solid expertise in business applications, process- and data management.

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What makes enableLab different?

Digital Transformation is a continuous journey that needs a staged approach with a clear business objective and roadmap in mind, involving several stakeholders overcoming silos and internal limitations.


Transformation as a service

We will challenge ourselves to automate standard and recurring transformation services as much as possible. What we can deliver “as-a-service”, we will.


We will co-create in strong co-operation with our customers. Applying the Lean Start-up philosophy in our solution development.

You are in the lead

We hold on to the concept of We-lead, Co-lead, You-lead. Making sure to transfer knowledge in such a way that employees can carry out projects independently. Our services will be centered around transformation best practices, solution onboarding, and end-user support.

Embrace & extend

Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture tools are mostly used by (IT) specialists. With enableLab we take an ‘embrace & extended’ approach using the best of these tools and provide a user-friendly, template-based interaction design that facilitates IT specialists AND business users to understand the impact of change and take action.

Reduce complexity

We value the power of Enterprise architecture, but we won’t waste time trying to model the whole enterprise. We will apply Lean Start-up, Agile thinking and relatable visualization of business & IT challenges.

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